7 Best Surf Rods From Daiwa

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If you are into Surf fishing, or thinking of giving it a try, you will need some specialized gear including surf rods. The best surf rods will, in general, be longer and with a heavier action than your standard inshore or freshwater rods. You need the longer heavier action rods to handle large fish like bull reds, sharks, black drum, stripers and more. You never know what you might hook up with on the beach.

Daiwa has a large selection of fishing rods and reels including some of the best surf rods on the market. The table below is our best recommendations from their current surf rod offerings. The Team Daiwa Surf Rod for it’s advanced materials and technology, and the Daiwa Sealine Surf rod for its castability, functionality and budget friendly price.

Your best surf rods are designed to cast heavier baits and cast them much further than your typical trout rod. The added length will also help keep your line up and out of the wave action once the rods are set. There are numerous quality surf rod makers. We’ve looked previously at Tsunami, Okuma, ODM Rods and Penn to name a few. Now, let’s take a look at the Best Surf rods made by Daiwa.

Young lady with a Daiwa Surf Rod and Reel combo - best surf rods by Daiwa
Daiwa Surf Rod ModelImageRecommendationPurchase
Team Daiwa Surf Rod4 Best Daiwa Surf Rods - Team Daiwa Surf RodBest Overall and Most Advanced FeaturesCHECK PRICE
Daiwa Sealine – A Surf RodBest Daiwa Surf Rods - Daiwa Sealine Surf RodBest Value for Your MoneyCHECK PRICE

Daiwa’s Best Surf Rods

The Daiwa Story:

Daiwa’s first spinning reel rolled off the assembly line in 1955. Since then, the company has grown into one of the largest and most influential tackle companies in the world today. Daiwa US Corporation first opened its doors on September 26, 1966, operating from a small facility in Culver City, California. Today, based in Cypress, California, Daiwa Corporation sells tackle throughout the United States, Canada, Central and South America.

From the very beginning, Daiwa’s emphasis has been upon innovation and quality. The result is a long list of product features, design and materials that have become standards for the fishing tackle industry. It is a long-standing record of innovation, the type of innovation that has left a visible mark on the majority of tackle manufactured today, innovation that continues to advance the sport of fishing.

Young lady with a double on whiting caught using her Daiwa rod - best surf rods from Daiwa


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Daiwa Tournament Ballistic Surf Rods

Daiwa Tournament Ballistic Surf Rods are Daiwa’s top-of-the-line multi-piece saltwater surf fishing rods. Built to accommodate both spinning and conventional surf reels, Ballistic Surf Rods are the serious surf anglers rod of choice. The blanks are made using SVF NanoPlus™ graphite material and TORAY nano-alloy® technology for incredible strength while still being lightweight and easy to manage. Rods are multi-piece for easy storage and transport and use strategically placed V-Joints to eliminate the flat spot around the joint for a smooth round bend and increased rod power.

The v-joint feature of these rods provides for a smooth bending curve for better castability. Daiwa Tournament Ballistic Surf Rods are the perfect surf rods for anglers and custom rod builders alike. These rods with fuji alconite low rider ring guides are able to support both a spinning or conventional reel, and adjustable rear grip balances, these are surf rods to be reckoned with. If you want to build your own rod, the Daiwa Tournament Ballistic blanks give you the advanced technology graphite material and strength that you can add the components you prefer for a truly custom surf rod.

Daiwa Tournament Ballistic Surf Rod

Daiwa Tournament Ballistic Surf Rods Features:

  • SVF Nano Plus graphite material (powered by Toray Nanoalloy technology)
  • Fuji low rider alconite ring guides
  • V-Joint Multi-piece design uses strategically placed V-Joints to eliminate the flat spot around the joint for a smooth round bend and increased rod power.
  • Adjustable balancer weights on rear grip
  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • Built to accommodate both spinning and conventional surf reels.
Daiwa Tournament Ballistic Surf Rod Customer review

Team Daiwa Surf Rods

The envy of every shore fisherman, the TEAM DAIWA SURF ROD. The creative team has elevated the surf rod to an advanced tool that embodies the latest in materials, technology and design. The HVF Nanoplus rod construction technology produces a blank, that is lighter, slimmer, yet as powerful as much larger blanks. The X-45 Bias Carbon Technology reinforces the blank, preventing twisting or ovaling under load. The integrity of the bend is preserved by the small footprint left by the Fuji FazLite Tangle Free Guides.

On the cast, the guides deliver a smooth, long payout without hanging up. The unique X-Tube Grip provides a solid hold on the rod even when your hands are wet or soiled. For convenient storage, the two-piece rod breaks down into equally-sized sections. The quality of components and craftsmanship is unequaled and backed by a 5-Year Limited Warranty. This is not your father’s surf rod. The Team Daiwa Surf Rod, utilizing state-of-the-art technology and design, has elevated the level of a shore rod to a sophisticated fish catching tool and one of the best surf rods on the market.

Team Daiwa Surf Rod

Advanced Features of the Team Daiwa Surf Rod:

FUJI FAZLITE RING – A new guide material designed to meet the performance demands of Fuji’s premier K-Series guides, Fazlite has excellent hardness, thermal conductivity and bend strength. Fazlite guides have a beautiful deep blue color, are braid-proof, rod-locker tough and smooth as silk.

HFV Nanoplus – Through the use of nano resin control technology in the blank construction process, Nanoplus allows for increased graphite density to be achieved within a graphite rod blank.

X45 Bias Carbon – Developed to eliminate blank twist and increase power, X45 features a Bias Wrap Construction, left/right 45 degree carbon weaves within the blank. X45 radically improves rod strength and durability by eliminating twist and preventing the blank from losing its round form. The elimination of this twist allows for a lighter, stronger and more powerful and sensitive rod.

Team Daiwa Surf Rod Customer review

Daiwa Coastal SP Surf Rods

Redesigned for the 20-21 season, the Daiwa Coastal SP Surf Spinning Rods are built to provide surf anglers with the performance needed to find success in the surf at a fair price. The Coastal SP Surf has all the right actions to help you cast further and more accurately, and has the backbone necessary to help you land even the biggest fish in a wide range of surf conditions. A variety of lengths and tapers will help you dial in your desired technique, whether its casting lighter artificials great distances or slinging heavy sinkers and bait out to deep water where the big fish live.

Daiwa Coastal SP Surf Rod

The Coastal SP Surf Rods feature X pattern shrink tube handles for optimal control and comfort even in wet conditions. Coastal SP Surf Rods are designed, from the ground up, to cast lures into the surf further and more accurately. This line of surf rods have all the right actions and back bone to help you control and land those stubborn fish in a wide range of surf conditions.

Daiwa Coastal SP Surf Rod Customer reviews

Daiwa Emblem Pro Surf Rods

Built for the surfcaster in need of quality equipment at a fair price, the Daiwa Emblem Pro Surf Rods are ideal for a variety of surf fishing applications whether you’re a novice or an expert, and one of the best surf rods for the money. These rods are built on a lightweight graphite blank that is well-balanced for both long distance casting and powerful fish fighting. The Emblem Pro is equipped with Saltwater Tough Guides that resist corrosion and offer smooth casting with aluminum oxide ring inserts.

EVA split grips built around a custom Daiwa Reel Seat allow for maximum comfort and castability while still reducing overall weight of the rod. Designing and producing exclusive reel seats allows Daiwa rods to be unique with functional benefits over the competition. More comfortable, better designs and unique looks is what Daiwa reel seat design is all about. Custom split grips allow for maximum comfort and cast ability while still reducing overall weight of the rod.

Daiwa Emblem Pro Surf Rod

These rods feature a two piece 50/50 split design for easy packing and storage when traveling to the water. With a wide array of lengths and power ratings to choose from in both spinning and conventional, the Emblem Pro Surf Rod series has the perfect model to suit your target species and desired technique.

Daiwa Emblem Surf Rod Customer Review

Daiwa Emcast Surf Rods

Built for land based anglers who need a long casting rod that’s comfortable to fish, the Daiwa Emcast Surf Rods check all the right boxes at a fantastic value. The Emcast Surf Rods are built on a lightweight graphite blank that helps make casting easier, while retaining the strength to put the brakes on big game fish when the moment comes. Comfortable EVA handles and an ergonomic hooded reel seat allow for all day comfort when casting and handling the rod.

The Emcast is equipped with Daiwa’s Saltwater Tough Guides that feature corrosion resistant guide frames and aluminum oxide ring inserts for smoother casting. These rods feature a two-piece 50/50 split design for easy packing and storage when traveling to and from the water.

Daiwa Emcast Surf Rod

Daiwa Emcast Surf Rod Features:

  • Powerful graphite blank, super-sensitive to detect bottom conditions and light pickups
  • Classic hand wrapped craftsmanship
  • High density Duracork grip
  • X-Tube blank protection prevents scratching and wear from taking the rod in and out of the rod holder
  • Daiwa Long Cast guide system with oversized, lightweight guides
  • Rugged, unitized guide frames with aluminum oxide ring inserts
  • Stainless hooded reel seat
Daiwa Emcast Surf Rod Customer review

Daiwa Sealine Surf Rods

Daiwa Sealine Surf Rods are constructed with graphite composite blanks and aluminum oxide guides for exceptional strength while remaining lightweight. These rods were specially designed for serious anglers who want to add an efficient, yet affordable piece to their collection. Daiwa Sealine Surf Rods also feature graphite reel seats and EVA foam grips to offer premium comfort for those long days.

Quality, durability, affordability—that’s what Sealine® is all about. This series of lightweight, yet exceptionally tough, graphite surf rods embodies all of these qualities. Available in a wide range of lengths and actions, they offer a high level of surf-fishing performance and are Daiwa’s best surf rods at a price that will suit any angler’s budget.

Daiwa Sealine - A Surf Rod

Daiwa Sealine-A Surf Rods Features:

  • Graphite composite blanks
  • Cut-proof aluminum oxide ring guides
  • Stainless steel hooded reel seat
  • EVA form grips
  • Limited 1 year warranty
Daiwa Sealine Surf Rod Customer Review

Daiwa Ardito Travel Surf Rods

Daiwa Ardito Travel Surf Rod

Finally, a travel surf rod! Adding to Daiwa’s travel rods selection is much-needed travel surf rod for the angler that wants to surf fish on the go.

Daiwa Ardito Travel Surf Rods are made to be carried on whatever adventure you may take, with an easy multi-piece travel design that can fit in a suitcase or carried on a plane. These surf travel rods are perfect for destinations like Mexico.

Daiwa Ardito-TR Travel Casting Rods provide anglers with a high quality, sensitive rods great for all kind of travel. These rods utilize a V-Flex ferrule joint system providing a smooth, powerful action.

Daiwa’s HVF (High Volume Fiber) and X45 Bias Graphite fiber construction give anglers flexibility and strength, with virtually zero blank twist. Keep the Ardito Travel Casting Rod secure and protected during travel with the included sturdy, semi-hard case.

Daiwa Ardito Surf Rods Features:

  • Short closed length
  • Fuji O-ring LC guides for use on spinning or conventional
  • Travel case included
  • Limited 5 year warranty

Daiwa Ardito Travel Surf Rod Customer review

Daiwa Surf Rods Comparison

The table below is a side by side comparison of the Daiwa Surf rods for your review. They vary in price from very budget friendly to the more expensive models. They will all serve you well, it will depend on what features and technology you prefer in a surf rod. Ultimately it is your decision and your money. But, Daiwa makes some of the best surf rods available.

Daiwa Surf Rods Comparison chart - best surf rods from Daiwa

Grab a Daiwa Surf Rod and Go Fishing

The rest is up to you. These are some of the best surf rods you will find and any of these Daiwa surf rods will perform well for you. And, if you are just beginning your surf fishing adventures, they have some of the best surf rods that are easier on your wallet. They’ve been in the fishing tackle business since 1955 and they continue to make advancements in rod and reel technology. If you need a good surf reel to go with your rod, check out our review of Daiwa’s surf spinning reels here.

As always, stay safe, enjoy the journey and please try to leave it cleaner than you found it. If you have any comments, questions, ideas or suggestions please leave them in the comment section below and I’ll get back to you asap. You can follow us on Facebook: Rex The Beach Angler, Instagram: thebeachangler7, Twitter: @AnglerBeach, and YouTube: Man Art Creations.

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