Surf Fishing How to for Beginners: 8 Steps to take You from Beginner to Old Salt

Surf Fishing How to for Beginners featured image - Two surf anglers hooked up and fighting fish from the beach

If you’re looking for a fun and challenging way to catch fish, and enjoy spending time at the beach, surf fishing might be just what you need. This type of fishing involves casting your line from the beach into the ocean, and it can be a great way to target a variety of different species. … Read more

Surf Perch Fishing: Tips Tactics and 12 of the Best Spots for Jerkin’ Perch from the Surf

surf perch fishing featured image - Surf angler kneeling on the beach with the surf in the background, holding a very nice barred surf perch

If you live on the West Coast of the US, you are probably familiar with surf perch. Surfperch fishing is a fun and popular sport that can be enjoyed year-round, in many coastal areas, by anglers of all skill levels. Surf perch are small, colorful fish that live in the surf zone of sandy or … Read more

Surf Fishing in Delaware: 8 Tips and Tricks for a Successful Trip to the Coast of The First State

Surf fishing in Delaware featured image - young boy angler with a nice sandbar shark he caught surf fishing in Delaware.

Surf Fishing in Delaware? I know, not the first destination that comes to mind when you think of surf fishing. But yes, with over 380 miles of shoreline, Delaware has some great surf fishing options. Let’s face it, if you have a beach anywhere in the world, somebody will be fishing form it. So, if … Read more

Surf Fishing for Spanish Mackerel: 10 Tips for Putting the Smack Down on the SMACKS!

Surf fishing for spanish mackerel featured image - Young surf angler holding a nice spanish mackerel he caught from the surf

Surf fishing for Spanish mackerel is both fun and exciting. And, it can be enjoyed by anglers of all skill levels. Spanish mackerel are fast and powerful fish that put up a great fight on light tackle. They are also delicious to eat, making them a popular target for surf anglers. And, they are another … Read more

Surf Fishing in Louisiana: 7 Tips and Tactics for Fishing the Surf in the Sportsman’s Paradise

Surf fishing in Louisiana - bikini clad lady angler hooked up with something big in the Louisiana surf.

If you love fishing like I do, and want to try something different, then surf fishing in Louisiana might just be what you’re looking for. Surf fishing is a great way to enjoy the beautiful beaches and catch some big saltwater fish at the same time. This type of fishing involves casting your line from … Read more

Surf Fishing for Snook: Tips Techiques and 18 Top Spots for The Ultimate Surf Fishing Safari

Surf fishing for snook featured image - surf angler holding a very large snook caught from the beach

Are you looking for a thrilling and challenging fishing experience? Surf fishing for snook might be just what you need. Snook are one of the most sought after saltwater gamefish species. They are a powerful, aggressive and beautiful fish that can be found in the warm waters of the Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic … Read more

Surf Fishing in Hawaii: The 6 Best Spots for Beach Fishing the Hawaiian Islands

Angler standing on a rocky shore and Surf Fishing in Hawaii

Aloha, fellow anglers and adventurers! If you’re ready to dive into the ultimate aquatic pursuit amidst breathtaking vistas, then grab your fishing gear and join me on a journey of surf fishing in Hawaii. There’s something magical about the salty breeze, the rolling waves, and the promise of reeling in an impressive catch that makes … Read more

The New 2024 Penn Spinfisher VII Spinning Reels Review

Penn Spinfisher VII reels review - bikini clad lady angler fishing the surf with her Penn Spinfisher VII spinning reel.

One of the exciting new products unveiled at the recently completed 2023 ICAST (International Convention of Associated Sportfishing) convention was the Penn Spinfisher VII series of spinning reels. Known for building high quality and durable reels, Penn continues to lead the industry with the latest in technology and innovation. I’ve been fishing with Penn reels … Read more

Surf Fishing on Long Island: 4 Top Spots for the Ultimate Reel Adventure in the Empire State.

surf fishing on long island - lady angler with a nice bluefish caught from the jetties in the Long Island surf

Welcome to the captivating experience of surf fishing on Long Island, where surf fishing enthusiasts unite with the ocean’s rhythm to cast their lines and reel in remarkable catches along the sandy beaches, where the sun kisses the waves, and the sea breeze dances with your senses. I’ve been surf fishing for over half a … Read more

How to Catch Tarpon from the Beach: A 5 Step Guide to Surf Fishing for the Majestic Silver Kings

How to catch tarpon from the beach - lady angler standing in the water holding a very large tarpon caught off the beach

Ahoy, fellow anglers! If you’re itching for an adrenaline-pumping fishing experience, look no further than learning how to catch tarpon from the beach. These magnificent silver kings are the stuff of surf angler’s dreams – powerful, acrobatic, and downright elusive. But fear not! In this guide, we’ll spill the secrets on how to tackle this … Read more