Reviewing The 8.8lb Capacity Cuta Copter Trident Boss+ For Fishing

Landy angler on the beach holding a nice fish and her Cuta Copter Trident Boss waterproof fishing drone

Cuta-Copter, the fishing drone pioneer has been building some of the toughest fishing drones on the planet since 2014. The Cuta CopterTrident Boss waterproof fishing drone is built in South Africa and has taken over the top spot for payload capacity among fishing drones at 8.8 lbs. A spot formerly held by the SwellPro Fisherman … Read more

3 Critical Factors to Surf Fishing For Steelhead Or Chasing Rainbows With Attitudes

surf fishing for steelhead featured image. Angler casting from the beach and an inset photo of him holding a nice steelhead caught in the surf

Have you ever tried surf fishing for Steelhead? Steelhead trout, also known as ocean-going rainbow trout or sea trout, spend part of their lives in saltwater. And, if you know when and where to look, you can catch them in the surf. QUICK LOOK: Steelhead returning to spawning rivers from spending time in the open ocean … Read more

The New Swellpro Fisherman FD1+ Vs The SwellPro Fisherman FD1

SwellPro Fisherman FD1 Plus featured image showing a fisherman walking down the beach holding his rod and reel in one hand and his SwellPro FD1 Plus in the other.

Drone fishing is growing rapidly, and SwellPro has been leading the industry in innovation and technology. They recently released an upgraded version of their highly successful Fisherman FD1 fishing drone the new SwellPro Fisherman FD1 Plus. QUICK LOOK: The SwellPro Fisherman FD1 drone is being discontinued and replaced with the new advanced SwellPro FD1+. The … Read more

3 Tips For Long-Distance Casting While Surf Fishing

Long-distance casting featured image showing surf angler making an overhand cast

Casting distance, when it comes to surf fishing, can be the difference between catching fish and just fishing. Distance matters because it allows you to cover more water and reach the fish hanging just out of reach of most surf anglers. If you’ve been surf fishing long, no doubt you have come across a school … Read more

Reviewing The New KastKing ReKon Spinning Reel

Photo of the KastKing ReKon Spinning reel and two lady anglers posing with their Kastking spinning reels

I recently got my hands on the new KastKing ReKon spinning reel and want to share my initial impression and experiences with you, so you can determine if it’s the right fit for your fishing arsenal. The folks at KastKing have earned a loyal following among anglers for producing affordable yet reliable fishing gear. QUICK … Read more

The Evolution Of Saltwater Fly Fishing In 2024 And Beyond

Saltwater Fly fishing - Casey Smartt of fly fishing the Texas surf

Saltwater fly fishing continues to grow in popularity. Evolving from the traditions of freshwater fly fishing, it has developed its own specialized gear and following. We’re going to take a look at the gear, techniques, and applications to see just what the attraction is to catching saltwater fish with a buggy whip. 😉 QUICK LOOK: … Read more

Top 6 Goto Saltwater Lures For Surf Fishing

Top saltwater lures for surf fishing featured image - bikini-clad lady angler wading in the water off the beach and in the process of casting her lure into the surf.

I don’t know about you, but when I’m fishing, I’ll use whatever I can to catch fish. It doesn’t matter to me whether it’s live bait, cut bait, synthetic baits, or artificials. However, there is something special about using Lures for surf fishing and being able to fool fish with plastic and metal imitations. There … Read more

Choosing A Kayak For Ocean Fishing And Surf Fishing 5 Great Models

Lady angler holding up a sailfish she caught from her kayak while ocean fishing

I’ve been using kayaks from the beach for surf fishing, offshore fishing, and dropping shark baits for 30+ years. They can be a great addition to your surfing and ocean fishing arsenal. But not all kayaks are the same in fact, some can be downright dangerous in the surf. So how do you find a … Read more

Fenwick Eagle And Elite Rods Review 2 High Performance Options

Young lady angler fishing with her Fenwick spinning rod

One of, if not the most, important tools in any angler’s toolbox is his fishing rod. It’s essential to have a fishing rod that matches your fishing style and situation and can withstand the stress and challenge of battling big fish for many years of service. Today, we will take a closer look at Fenwick’s … Read more

6 Safety Tips For Dealing With Marine Wildlife When Saltwater Fishing

Dealing with Marine wildlife while fishing - Photo of a fisherman holding up a large yellow tail and a sealion coming up out of the water to grab it from him.

I spend many a day fishing in the bays, on the beaches, and offshore waters. The thrill, excitement, and anticipation of saltwater fishing are hard to match, but there are a variety of marine wildlife species that we need to be aware of on our angling adventures. Some can be dangerous and some we can … Read more