Surf Fishing Gulf Shores Alabama: 6 Tips for Catching Fish and Creating Lifelong Memories

surf fishing gulf shores alabama featured image - fisherman wading the surf off the beach at Gulf Shores Alabama

As a lifelong surf fisherman, I am always interested in new and exotic places to surf fish. The world is a big place with over 372,000 miles of coastline. Trust me, there are endless surf fishing opportunities out there. The exciting part is finding them and, of course better yet, trying them. 😉 Today we … Read more

How to Catch Gulf Kingfish aka Whiting: 6 Tips for Targeting these Plentiful and Tasty Fish

How to catch Gulf Kingfish featured image. Darcizzle offshore star holding up a pair of gulf kingfish, aka whiting, caught from the surf

Gulf Kingfish are another plentiful, fun to catch and great eating fish that is often overlooked in favor of the more popular game fish species. If you have never fished for them, or are just looking for some tips on how to catch Gulf Kingfish, we will walk you through everything you need to know … Read more

Best Surf Fishing in Florida 13 of the Top Beach Fishing Destinations in the Sunshine State

Surf fishing in Florida - featured image with bikini clad lady angler walking along a Florida beach carrying her surf spinning rod and reel combo looking for her next fishing spot

If you like surf fishing, the State of Florida has to be on high your list of places to go. With over 1,350 miles of coastline on both the Atlantic Ocean and Gulf of Mexico, and a wide variety of fish to catch, Florida’s beaches are some of the best places to go surf fishing … Read more

How to Catch Sheepshead: Tips and Strategies for Targeting this Fun and Tasty Fish

How to catch sheepshead featured image. Young lady angler holding a nice sheepshead and a plate of blackened sheeps head for dinner

We’ve all experienced the reductions in bag limits for our favorite sport fish as more people take up the sport of fishing putting increased pressure on fish stocks. Sheepshead fish is one of those alternative species, like Gafftop Catfish or Gulf Kingfish, that while not as popular as other game fish, are plentiful, fun to … Read more

The Amazing New SwellPro Fisherman MAX Heavy Lift FD2 Fishing Drone Review

Swellpro Fisherman MAX fishing drone on the beach with remote

It’s Finally here, The new SwellPro Fisherman Max Heavy Lift FD2 Fishing drone will begin shipping May 1st 2023! SwellPro’s newest fishing drone is the most powerful, waterproof, fishing drone in the world. Complete with massive 16-inch propellers and powerful 400kv brushless motors, The Fisherman MAX produces up to 33 lbs thrust. Enough To lift … Read more

Surf Fishing in Mexico 14 Exciting Destinations for Serious Beach Anglers

surf fishing in mexico - surf angler with a very nice roosterfish caught with a topwater popper from the beach

Mexico is a world-renowned destination for beach lovers and fishing enthusiasts alike. With its vast coastline, of nearly 6000 miles, and abundant marine life, surf fishing in Mexico is some of the best in the world. The country boasts some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, and it’s also home to some of … Read more

Surf Fishing California – The Top 10 Spots to Cast Your Line for Some Exciting Action.

surf fishing california featured image - two anglers fishing a california beach

Are you an avid surf fisherman living, or perhaps planning on visiting California, and looking for the best spots for surf fishing California? With 840 miles of coastline and over 420 public beaches, California offers a wide variety of fish and surf fishing spots to choose from. In fact, the Golden State is home to … Read more

Spearfishing for Beginners a Comprehensive Guide to this Exciting Underwater Sport

spearfishing for beginners featured image - three bikini clad young ladies wading into the water with their spearfishing gear.

If you are looking for a new exciting and challenging way to catch fish, spearfishing may be just the ticket for you. In this article, we will cover spearfishing for beginners including everything you need to know to get started right. Being an avid fisherman and hunter, spearfishing always intrigued me. So, many years ago, … Read more

SharkX Fishing Drone Review 100% Waterproof and Built to Carry Big Baits

SharkX fishing drone review - the SharkX drone on the beach ready for take off

There has been a new fishing drone to hit the market recently. The SharkX waterproof fishing drone. As drone technology advances, and capabilities continue to improve, Fisherman now have the opportunity to fish areas impossible to reach previously from the shore, and to fish bigger baits for bigger fish than ever before. The SharkX fishing … Read more

Cold Weather Surf Fishing Gear the 4 Essentials

Cold Weather Surf Fishing gear featured image - Fisherman dressed for surf fishing in cold and rough conditions

Cold weather surf fishing typically means cold temperatures, and water. So, what do you do? Sit at home all winter and watch fishing shows wishing you were at the beach fishing? How about going fishing instead of wishing? But, Can you surf fish when its cold? I mean we all love Surf fishing when the … Read more