Life Death and The Importance Of Personal Flotation Devices For Surf Fishing

The importance of personal flotation devices for surf fishing

Surf fishing is my favorite type of fishing. Catching fish while standing on the beach or wading in the surf is both thrilling and therapeutic. But if you are going to be wading in the surf, you should wear a personal floatation device (life jacket). You will encounter waves, currents, and sometimes unpredictable weather. Because … Read more

TideWe Waders Review – How Do They Stack Up To The Competition And The Elements In 2024?

TideWe waders review - Ken Kuhn kneeling on the beach holding a nice slot red drum while wearing his TideWe neoprene waders

When old man winter shows up the water gets cold, and if you’re into wade or surf fishing like I am, it’s time to break out the waders. Recently I was turned on to TideWe Waders, which have been sparking considerable interest among outdoor enthusiasts. By offering dependable protection and comfort, TideWe Waders have become … Read more

Surf Fishing How to for Beginners: 8 Steps to take You from Beginner to Old Salt

Surf Fishing How to for Beginners featured image - Two surf anglers hooked up and fighting fish from the beach

If you’re looking for a fun and challenging way to catch fish, and enjoy spending time at the beach, surf fishing might be just what you need. This type of fishing involves casting your line from the beach into the ocean, and it can be a great way to target a variety of different species. … Read more

New 2024 Okuma Inspira ISX Spinning Reels Review

Okuma Inspira ISX review featured image - Lady angler standing on her jet ski while fishing with her Okuma Inspira ISX

Fishing tackle technology continues to advance at an ever-increasing pace and the new Okuma Inspira ISX spinning reels are just another example that. The folks at Okuma continue to be on the cutting edge of innovation and technological advancement with this new addition to their Inspira spinning reel line for 2024. QUICK LOOK: 4 Features … Read more

The New 2024 Penn Spinfisher VII Spinning Reels Review

Penn Spinfisher VII reels review - bikini clad lady angler fishing the surf with her Penn Spinfisher VII spinning reel.

One of the exciting new products unveiled at the recently completed 2023 ICAST (International Convention of Associated Sportfishing) convention was the Penn Spinfisher VII series of spinning reels. Known for building high quality and durable reels, Penn continues to lead the industry with the latest in technology and innovation. QUICK LOOK: The new Penn Spinfisher … Read more

Fly Fishing the Surf: A 3 Step Beginner’s Guide to the Exciting Sport of Fly Fishing from the Beach

Fly Fishing the Surf - Fly angler making a long cast into the surf

When it comes to fly fishing, one often envisions tranquil rivers or serene lakes. However, there’s another dimension to this thrilling sport that offers an entirely different experience: fly fishing the surf. Combining the art of fly casting, the excitement of catching fish, and the power of the ocean, fly fishing the surf presents anglers … Read more

7 Best Surf Fishing Rods: Tips for Choosing the Best Surf Rod for Your Fishing Style

7 Best surf fishing rods - Lady angler stepping over the waves surf fishing the beach

Surf fishing is a favorite pastime of mine, and for many other anglers as well, from all over the world. Whether you’re an old salt or just starting out, having the right equipment is key to a successful day on the beach. Surf fishing requires specific gear to tackle the waves and currents of the … Read more

Cold Weather Surf Fishing Gear the 4 Essentials

Cold Weather Surf Fishing gear featured image - Fisherman dressed for surf fishing in cold and rough conditions

Cold weather surf fishing typically means cold temperatures, and water. So, what do you do? Sit at home all winter and watch fishing shows wishing you were at the beach fishing? How about going fishing instead of wishing? But, Can you surf fish when its cold? I mean we all love Surf fishing when the … Read more

Surf Fishing Waders – The 3 Best Options to Keep You Warm Dry and Fishing

Surf fishing waders - featured image of Ken Kuhn fighting a fish in the surf while wearing his neoprene chest waders

Summer is winding down, fall is in the air and the air and water temperatures will soon begin to cool. It’s about time to look into a good pair of surf fishing waders to keep you warm, dry and comfortable fishing the cool seasons. Some of the best fishing of the year is in the … Read more

Best Hooks for Surf Fishing – The 4 Primary Factors to Consider Before You Buy

best hooks for surf fishing featured image

One of the most often overlooked, and one of the most important, items of fishing tackle is your fishing hooks. And, its no different when it comes to surf fishing. So, what are the best hooks for surf fishing, and how do you decide which hooks to use? Most of the time we get caught … Read more