Top 6 Goto Saltwater Lures For Surf Fishing

Top saltwater lures for surf fishing featured image - bikini-clad lady angler wading in the water off the beach and in the process of casting her lure into the surf.

I don’t know about you, but when I’m fishing, I’ll use whatever I can to catch fish. It doesn’t matter to me whether it’s live bait, cut bait, synthetic baits, or artificials. However, there is something special about using Lures for surf fishing and being able to fool fish with plastic and metal imitations. There … Read more

6 Safety Tips For Dealing With Marine Wildlife When Saltwater Fishing

Dealing with Marine wildlife while fishing - Photo of a fisherman holding up a large yellow tail and a sealion coming up out of the water to grab it from him.

I spend many a day fishing in the bays, on the beaches, and offshore waters. The thrill, excitement, and anticipation of saltwater fishing are hard to match, but there are a variety of marine wildlife species that we need to be aware of on our angling adventures. Some can be dangerous and some we can … Read more

6 Of The Best Shimano Baitcasting Reels For Saltwater Fishing

Shimano Baitcasting reels for saltwater fishing - depicts a lady angler standing at the back of a boat fishing with a Shimano baitcasting reel

I’ve been fishing ever since I learned to walk, and if there’s one thing I’m sure about, it’s that Shimano stands out in the world of fishing. I’ve owned, fished with, and still fish with many a Shimano reel over my many years. For decades, Shimano has crafted some of the most reliable and innovative … Read more

6 Essential Precautions For Surf Fishing Safety

Surf fishing safety - Lady angler jumping a wave while holding her rod and reel and surf fishing

Surf fishing offers a blend of excitement and tranquility, as you cast your line into the vastness of the sea. However, as with any venture that pits us against the might of nature, it’s vital to prioritize safety. Stepping onto the beach with your fishing rod in hand, you should be equipped with more than … Read more

6 Of The Best Saltwater Baitcasting Reels

Saltwater Baitcasting Reels - Three lady anglers fishing from a boat using their saltwater baitcasting reels.

I’ve often been asked what makes saltwater baitcasting reels a go-to choice for so many anglers. Baitcasting reels, known for their precision drag and fish-fighting power, are a staple in the tackle box of many experienced anglers tackling the harsh environment of saltwater fishing. QUICK LOOK: 6 of the Top Saltwater Baitcasting Reels The saltwater … Read more

Conventional Vs Spinning Reels For Saltwater Fishing 6 Factors To Consider

conventional vs spinning reels for saltwater fishing - One lady angler fighting a fish using a conventional reel and another sitting on the boat waiting for a bite using a spinning reel

As someone who has been fishing saltwater for over half a century, I understand that to have a good day on the water you need quality reliable gear. When it comes to saltwater fishing, your reel is one of the most important tools in your arsenal and can be the key to a successful fishing … Read more

Surviving The Sun – 5 Essential Sun Protection Tips For Saltwater Anglers

Sun protection for anglers - Ken Kuhn wearing his long-sleeved fishing shirt, long pants, wide-brimmed fishing hat, polarized sunglasses, and sunscreen.

As an angler myself, I know that spending the day out on the open water is one of the purest pleasures in life. However, the sun that sparkles on the waves is more than warmth and beautiful scenery; it’s a source of ultraviolet (UV) radiation that poses a real threat to our health. QUICK LOOK: … Read more

5 Proven Strategies For Land-Based Shark Fishing

Land-based shark fishing with angler standing on an elevated fishing platform fighting a shark

You’re probably here because you’ve heard about the thrill of land-based shark fishing. It’s a sport that’s gaining quite a following among anglers for the adrenaline rush and thrill of tackling these awesome ocean predators. But it’s much more than just about tossing a line into the surf and hoping for the best; it takes … Read more

Life Death and The Importance Of Personal Flotation Devices For Surf Fishing

The importance of personal flotation devices for surf fishing

Surf fishing is my favorite type of fishing. Catching fish while standing on the beach or wading in the surf is both thrilling and therapeutic. But if you are going to be wading in the surf, you should wear a personal floatation device (life jacket). You will encounter waves, currents, and sometimes unpredictable weather. Because … Read more