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When fishing the beach, and waiting for that big bite, a rod holder is a good tool to have. It will keep you from having to hold the rod yourself and allows you to deploy several rods at the same time. You can sit back and watch and wait, all the while your hands are free for some adult refreshments 😉

Essential Surf Fishing Gear:

  • Surf Fishing Rods, surf rods are typically longer and heavier duty than standard rods. read more.
  • Surf fishing Reels, larger and stronger with greater line capacity to handle big fish. read more.
  • Surf fishing Rod and Reel Combos, pre-matched rod and reel set ups for surf fishing – read more.
  • Sand Spike Rod holder, holds your rods securely while you wait for that big bite. – read more.
  • Surf Fishing Rigs, terminal tackle for fishing the surf. – read more.
  • Surf fishing Carts, for beaches that won’t allow vehicles you need a way to carry your gear – read more.
  • Rod Racks for Vehicles, carry your rods out of harms way and easy to access- read more.
  • Beach Camping Gear, in case you want to fish all night or for several days – read more.
Lady with a big snook caught using a sand spike rod holder

What is a Sand Spike?

Sand Spike can mean a couple of different things. One is a spike driven in the ground and used as an anchor to tie up boats along the shoreline. The other and the one we’ll be discussing, is a rod holder driven into the sand along the beachfront to hold your fishing rods while you wait on a fish to strike, the Surf Fishing Sand Spike Rod Holder.

Surf Fishing Sand Spikes are made of various materials keeping in mind the corrosive environment, most are plastic, aluminum, or stainless steel. They will have a sharpened end for driving into the sand and an open tube end for holding the rod. Sand Spike rod holders vary in length with most in the 2 ft to 4 ft range.

Rex with Jack crevalle and sand spike
Me and Mr. Jack 😉

They need to be long enough, and strong enough to hold in the sand against wind, wave action and currents, as well as that big strike and run when a fish picks up your bait. If not, you could lose both rod and rod holder. I’ve been there and done that, not fun, trust me.

Where to Find Sand Spikes?

Sand Spike Rod Holders can be found at several online retailers. Tackle Direct (, Bass Pro Shops (, and of course Amazon (  You will find them at local bait shops near the beach as well, and you will have the added benefit of getting to see the actual product up close and personal.

surf fishing - Texas winterfime surf fishing
Jerry Gerwick with a nice Texas slot redfish

You can make your own if you’re handy with a few basic tools. Of course, if you are a welder and can weld aluminum and or stainless steel, you can go that route as well. A section of 2 inch PVC pipe can be used to make Surf Rod Holders, simply cut one end on a diagonal for driving into the sand. They will be more difficult to drive into the sand, but are cheap and certainly corrosion resistant.

Best Sand Spike Rod Holders.

Fish-N-Mate 266 Sand Spike Anodized Aluminum

Made of sturdy heavy gauge anodized aluminum with a measuring tape on the side and foot pegs to help with setting into the sand. The Fish-N-Mate Sand Spike is a great choice and will last a lifetime.

Fish-N-Mate Sand Spike

Sea Striker 42-2AL Sand Spike 42-Inch, Plastic with Aluminum Base

Sea Striker Sand Spike

  • High impact plastic rod holder
  • High impact plastic rod holder
  • High impact plastic rod holder
  • Glow in the dark” rod rest assemblies
  • Adjustable rod holder

The Beast Sand Spike Rod Holder / 57 inches/Aluminum/Stainless Steel Hardware

  • LOOK!!! SPECIAL DISCOUNT when ordering 2 or more!!!!!
  • 2 inch angle, 1/8 inch sand wedge, goes up to 25 inches into sand
  • Unique “Knee Plate” for easy and painless insertion into sand
  • 57 inches in length, adjustable down to 47.5 inches
  • 100% Aluminum with stainless steel hardware. Will never rust!!!
The Beast Sand Spike Rod Holder

Sand Flea Surf Fishing Rod Holder Beach Sand Spike with Microfiber Bait Towel and Adjustable Surf Rod Pin. 2, 3 or 4 Foot Lengths. Made from Impact and UV Resistant PVC. 100% USA Made

  •  Impact + UV Resistant PVC With High Gloss Finish. NOT your home improvement store PVC. PVC manufactured in USA and made by Tides Fishing Company.
  •  Large Microfiber Bait Towel Keeps Your Hands Clean in The Surf. Easy Connect to Your Surf Rod Holder or Keep in Your Fishing Cart.
  • Large Wire Lock Pin With 5 Length Choices Keeps Your Surf Rod Tip Up Above the Breakers.
  •  Rubber Coated Flared Top Keeps Your Fishing Pole in Great Shape. Reel Cutout Gives your Fishing Rod and Reel Combo Great security Inside the pole holder.
  •  With 2 Colors and 3 Heights Available. You Are Sure to Get the Perfect Fishing Rod Holder For Your Area
Sand Flea Surf Fishing Rod Holders

P-Line Fishing Rod Holder with Aluminum Sand Spike

P-Line Fishing Rod Holder with Aluminum sand spike
  • Made with top quality aluminum
  • fixed and adjustable sand spike rod holders
  • A must for any serious beach angle

Sand Spike Surf Spike All Aluminum Made in USA (Mill Finish)

  • Quality craftsmanship, Made in USA
  • Welded Foot Push for Easy Implantation
  • All aluminum construction in Mill Finish
  • Overall Length: 46 inches
  • Rod Tube ID: 1 5/8″
Sand Spike Surf Spike

Making Your Own Sand Spikes

As I mentioned before, you can certainly make your own Sand Spike Rod holders if you have the time and talent. In any good hardware store you will find 2 inch diameter PVC pipe and it comes in 10 foot sections. That would be enough for two or three rod holders. They are more difficult to drive into the sand far enough to hold against bigger fish. You can buy aluminum angle and use automotive hose clamps to attache two foot sections of PVC pipe to 3-4ft of angle to make good rod holders as well.

Homemade sand spike rod holders
Young lady ishing with rod holders

Some sand spikes are made out of rebar with metal rings welded on to hold the rods. Rebar will rust however, so they will take more maintenance. The important thing is that whatever you use is long enough to drive into the sand and still keep your rod up out of the sand and waves. A quick tip, when you cast your bait out and put the rod in the sand spike, loosen the drag on your reel so that when a big fish hits and makes a run for the open ocean, your drag will slip instead of possibly your rod launching into the surf. Trust me, been there, done that and it’s not much fun.

Gear Up and Go Fishing

Check out the Surf Sand Spikes either online or at your local tackle shop. Choose those best for you, your equipment, fishing conditions, and of course, budget. Then load up and head to the beach. Try em out, have fun, go fishing. You’ll be able to put out several rods which will increase your odds at getting bit.

When you’re at the beach, or wherever you go in the great outdoors, please do me a favor and leave it cleaner than you found it. Take an extra trash bag with you and donate 15 minutes to fill it with what those less courteous folks leave behind. If you have any comments, questions, ideas or suggestions, please leave them in the comment section below and I will get back to you asap. You can follow us on Facebook: Rex The Beach Angler, Instagram: thebeachangler7, Twitter: @AnglerBeach, and YouTube: Man Art Creations.

Be safe, enjoy the journey, good luck and good fishin.

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