TideWe Waders Review – How Do They Stack Up To The Competition And The Elements In 2024?

TideWe waders review - Ken Kuhn kneeling on the beach holding a nice slot red drum while wearing his TideWe neoprene waders

When old man winter shows up the water gets cold, and if you’re into wade or surf fishing like I am, it’s time to break out the waders. Recently I was turned on to TideWe Waders, which have been sparking considerable interest among outdoor enthusiasts. By offering dependable protection and comfort, TideWe Waders have become … Read more

Surf Fishing Waders – The 3 Best Options to Keep You Warm Dry and Fishing

Surf fishing waders - featured image of Ken Kuhn fighting a fish in the surf while wearing his neoprene chest waders

Summer is winding down, fall is in the air and the air and water temperatures will soon begin to cool. It’s about time to look into a good pair of surf fishing waders to keep you warm, dry and comfortable fishing the cool seasons. Some of the best fishing of the year is in the … Read more

Frogg Toggs Waders – Yes More than just Rain Gear

frogg togg waders review

Sometimes we find ourselves in a fishing situation where either the water is too cold, or we simply don’t want to get wet. You need something more than just wading boots or shoes. A good pair of waders can go along way to keeping you warm, dry and fishing. I’ve tried them all over the … Read more