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Live bait is great for fishing, but the problem with using live bait is how to keep it alive for a full day of fishing. Live bait wells with aeration and or oxygen systems will keep your bait healthy and lively longer. One system that has been around for years and is well tested is the KeepAlive bait system. They produce quality aeration and oxygen systems for anglers as well as commercial aquariums.

Keep Alive Bait storage System


When fishing with live bait, its important to understand that your bait needs oxygen just like you do, but they can’t breathe air they use their gills to extract dissolved oxygen from the water. The wind and wave action in the natural environment continually add oxygen to the waters. In a confined space like a bait bucket or well, the oxygen will run out and your bait will die unless you have a system to replace the oxygen being consumed.

A simple flow through bait bucket will work you have a good flow of fresh water to place it in. The wave action of the surf zone can make using this type of bait system tough, and getting the bait from one fishing spot to another along the beach will require some form of aeration system to keep your bait alive.





As bait breathes in oxygen from the water through its gills, it gives off CO2. The CO2 is absorbed into the surrounding water. The CO2 is then dissipated into the atmosphere through the process of aeration. Aeration is the action of introducing air bubbles into water. This naturally occurs with wind and wave action. We can produce the same results with air pumps and oxygen tanks.


An air bubble as it passes through water oxygen dissolves into the water and CO2 is absorbed by the bubble as it rises slowly to the surface. The air bubble then pops at the surface and the CO2 is released into the atmosphere. The smaller the bubble, the longer it remains in the water to release oxygen and absorb CO2.


A pure oxygen bubble will insert a higher percentage of oxygen into water than a normal air bubble. This will allow you to keep more bait alive in a smaller live well and they will be livelier. An Oxygen bubble However, doesn’t have the ability to absorb CO2. The bait will release CO2 into the water as they breathe and the CO2 will build up in the live well water. You will need some way to aerate the water to allow the CO2 to be released into the air, if not, the bait will suffocate.


Normally, driving down the beach the bouncing of the vehicle splashes the water around in the bait container to adequately aerate the water. However, once you stop and fish, that process will stop as well. Of course, you can alleviate this problem by simply changing out the water in your bait container periodically.


KeepAlive® Pure Oxygen Infusion Systems

Pure Oxygen systems have been used by large commercial fish farms and aquariums for many years. KeepAlive® provides oxygen systems to large aquariums and now makes these systems available for all anglers. The KeepAlive® pure oxygen systems will keep your bait livelier and healthier than aerator systems.


In addition, they are self-contained and no external power is required! KeepAlive® oxygen infusion systems are designed for use in the marine environment. They are the latest technology for corrosion resistance and to provide anglers with a healthy and lively bait supply


KeepAlive® OXYGEN REGULATORS, DIFFUSERS, AND CYLINDERS can all be purchased separately or as a complete system. KeepAlive®Fishing Oxygen Infusion Systems use a CG540 valve to connect the regulator to the oxygen cylinder. The cylinder can be filled at most welding shops, and should never used for medical purposes.


KeepAlive® uses only marine grade fishing regulators made of nickle plated brass, or they make anodized aluminum regulators are designed with non-rusting internal brass components and make a good alternative choice for many anglers. The oxygen is released into the water through a diffuser, a ceramic disc with tiny holes in it to produce micro bubbles to maximize oxygen absorption.



The diffuser is the most important item of your equipment. Inexpensive air stones waste precious oxygen. The bubbles produced by most air stones are too large and therefore rise to the surface to fast. They don’t maintain contact with the water long enough to do a proper job of releasing oxygen.


KeepAlive® diffusers are made of ceramic with tightly formed pores. They only require 25 to 35 lbs of pressure to force the oxygen through the pores of the ceramic, producing micro-fine bubbles. These small bubbles stay suspended in the water longer and the water absorbs more of the oxygen. KeepAlive® ceramic diffusers will give many years of service.


KeepAlive® OXYGEN INFUSOR® Aeration Systems

KeepAlive® Oxygen Infusion Aeration Systems are revolutionary and GUARANTEED TO OUTPERFORM ALL OTHERS! They might look like the competition, but their superior technology is completely different. Air is infused with the water at the pump impeller.


Micro-fine bubbles are produced and sent gently out of the pump and into the live well, releasing life giving oxygen and absorbing toxic CO2. The millions of micro-fine bubbles are so small that they remain suspended in the water longer thus providing more oxygen and keeping your bait healthy and lively longer. Check out this complete KeepAlive® Oxygen Infusion Aeration System below.

Bait Storage System


Keepalive KA14461 Tank W/Aerator

  • Dark blue interior
  • KA460 Oxygen Infusor
  • 3 Tray Inserts On Top
  • Drain
  • Black Handles




KeepAlive Bait System



KeepAlive® Infusors are specifically designed for delicate shad, greenbacks and other hard to keep alive baits. Their smallest model will aerate up to a 55- gallon drum or live well, gently and efficiently. The air flow speed is controlled by its Air Control Center and can be adjusted to allow fish to school in a stationary position keeping them from becoming exhausted from swimming against too much current.





KeepAlive® only uses the best longest lasting pumps available in the industry. They periodically torture test different brands of pumps for endurance to ensure you a quality product. KeepAlive® Infusors are available as a bottom infuser with suction cups, or a floating infuser. KeepAlive® Infusors will save you time and money by keeping your bait healthy and lively longer than any other comparable aeration system. . . . . GUARANTEED!


If you already have a bubble aerator and are not ready to move up to a new system, KeepAlive® manufactures and sells a low pressure ceramic diffuser with micro bubbles that will dramatically improve the efficiency of your current bubble aerator.


They are more expensive in comparison to air stones because of the manufacturing process, but if a bubble aerator is your only option in maintaining your bait, then purchase a high quality bubble aerator and couple it with the KeepAlive® KA975 Low Pressure Ceramic Diffuser. It increases the efficiency of most bubble aerators by 600%, and if properly cleaned and maintained, your KeepAlive® ceramic diffuser will provide you many years of service.



Which is Better, Aeration or Pure Oxygen?


The KeepAlive® Pure Oxygen Infusion System will allow you to keep more bait in a given size container and the bait will be much livelier. You will need to pay attention to the water if there is no air movement or splashing of the water to provide the aeration needed to remove CO2 from the water.


The Pure Oxygen system is more expensive, but is built of very high quality components that will last for many years. If you do a lot of live bait fishing, particularly with very delicate (prone to die) baits, the Pure Oxygen System will be your best option.





The KeepAlive® Oxygen Infusion Aeration System is more economical and provides aeration to remove CO2 as well as supply oxygen. The air pumps have been tested to be the best on the market and will provide you with live bait for years to come.


If you already have a bubble aerator and simply want to upgrade what you’ve already paid for, the KeepAlive® ceramic diffusor can dramatically increase your current aerators efficiency. Just simply replace the air stone with the KeepAlive® ceramic diffusor.


They are all good options and made of the highest quality materials. What is best, will depend on you and your type of live bait fishing. You can read more here about surf fishing with live bait.



Top of The Line Live Bait System


If you’re going to use live bait for a day of surf fishing, the KeepAlive® bait systems will do a great job of keeping your bait healthy and alive. They are made of marine grade materials to withstand the harsh saltwater environment and have been thoroughly tested and proven by anglers and commercial aquariums.


If you’re a serious surf fisherman, or thinking of taking it up, check out the KeepAlive® live bait systems. whether aeration, oxygen or both, I think you’ll find KeepAlive® products to be some of the best around and a great value for you hard-earned dollars. You can check out all their products at:



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