Overnight Surf Fishing – Kamp-Rite Tent Cot Review

  On many occasions when planning a surf fishing trip, you may want to explore the possibility of an overnight trip. There are many beaches around the world that you can camp on and fish, combining a camping trip with a fishing trip. When fishing more remote beaches, this allows you more time to fish […]


Surf Fishing – Fishbites Versus Berkley Gulp

    Fishing the beach front surf zone presents some unique opportunities as well as challenges. Often you will be fishing miles from the nearest bait shop or store so you will need to ” bring it if you think you’ll need it”. Bait is one of those items that you will need. While you […]


KeepAlive® Bait System Review

    Live bait is great for fishing, but the problem with using live bait is how to keep it alive for a full day of fishing. Live bait wells with aeration and or oxygen systems will keep your bait healthy and lively longer. One system that has been around for years and is well […]


Surf Fishing with Lures

  Surf Fishing can be both exciting and rewarding, and you’re on the beach, nothing wrong with that 😉 There is a variety of techniques for fishing the surf. Natural Baits, Live Bait, or artificial baits/lures. They all work and have their applications, but fishing with lures in the surf will allow you to cover […]

Intro to beach fishing

Sand Spike – Surf Fishing Rod Holder

  When fishing the beach, and waiting for that big bite, a rod holder is a good tool to have. It will keep you from having to hold the rod yourself and allows you to deploy several rods at the same time. You can sit back and watch and wait, all the while your hands […]


Surf Fishing Rod and Reel Combos

  If you are looking to give surf fishing a try, or maybe considering adding another rod/reel to your gear, there are some good rod and reel combos matched just for surf fishing. If you’re on a budget, or new to the sport\, this can be a great way to get your feet wet, so […]


Surf Fishing Reels

  Surf Fishing, like most other types of fishing, has some specialized gear. One of the most important pieces of gear for Surf Fishing, is the reel. Surf reels are exposed to saltwater and need to be constructed with corrosion resistant materials. They also need to have a larger line capacity for casting long distances […]


Surf Fishing Carts – Fish N Mate Sr Cart Review

There are times when surf or beach fishing, that access to the beach front is limited. Some areas have closed beaches to motorized vehicles for safety reasons. Many State and National Park beaches have restricted access. Then in remote locations, there may simply be no road access at all to the beach. If you want […]


Surf Fishing Rods – Best Bang for the Buck

Surf fishing, like most other types of fishing, has some specialized gear for the conditions you’ll be fishing in. One of those specialized pieces of equipment is Surf Fishing Rods. Surf fishing Rods are longer and heavier duty than standard freshwater or bay fishing rods.   The extra length is for casting baits longer distances […]