Sharkbanz 2 Review – Can You Swim with Sharks Without Getting Eaten Alive?

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If you spend anytime in saltwater, whether it’s the surf, bay, or offshore, you have probably, at the very least, thought about sharks. Sharkbanz 2 is a wearable shark repellent device that can be worn on the wrist or ankle and is intended to reduce your chances of becoming the next shark attack victim.

Quick Look

The Sharkbanz is a wearable shark repellent device that utilizes powerful magnets to disrupt and overwhelm a shark’s senses. This causes the sharks to turn away and retreat. While nobody can guarantee a shark won’t attack, the research used in the development of Sharkbanz has been proven and verified by independent third party reasearchers. If you are worried about sharks, I highly recommed Sharbanz.

The Sharkbanz Fishing Zeppelin uses the same technology to repel sharks from taking a bite out of your catch before you can land it. And, if wade fishing, can keep sharks away from you as well as your catch.

Millions of people worldwide venture to the coast for fun and sun. Everything from swimming, sailing, surfing, to fishing are just some of the available activities that the beach and mother ocean provide. With more and more people spending time in the water, the chances of an unpleasant encounter with a shark increase.

The folks at Sharkbanz have devoted much time, money and research into producing a product that is easy to use, won’t interfere with your normal activities while reducing the chances of a shark encounter.

Keep reading and we’ll take a closer look at Sharkbanz to see how the work and if they would make a good addition to your beach and surf fishing gear.

sharkbanz 2 review - young lady swimming with a great white shark
Sharkbanz 2Fishing Zeppelin
sharbanz 2 shark repellent devicesharkbanz fishing zeppelin shark repellent device
Wear on Wrist or AnkleUse on Gear or as Sinker
Keep Sharks Away from YouProtect Your Catch from Sharks
Swim, Fish, Surf, DiveFishing or Wade Fishing

Fishing with Sharks

Fishing with sharks can get exciting. Fighting a fish in chest deep water and reaching out to net it just as a shark grabs it and cuts it in half. Or, a sudden jerk on your stringer as a shark decides to help himself to your catch. And the worst, having a shark bump into you while wading.

sharkbite graphic for 2021

Most shark encounters by fishermen are sharks after their catch and accidentally biting the fisherman. Humans aren’t normally on the menu, we are simply caught between a shark pursuing it’s next meal. It’s much the same for swimmers, surfers, a case of mistaken identity.

Shark bites may seem to be more frequent by all the news coverage. But, in fact, Global total of unprovoked shark bites for 2021 worldwide was a total of 73 confirmed unprovoked cases. Which, was in line with the most recent five-year (2016-2020) average of 72 incidents annually.

The majority of the world’s shark attacks / bites are accounted for in the United States (particularly in FL), where Bull Sharks and other medium to smaller size shark species are responsible. With advances in marine and shark research, several effective shark repellent devices and deterrent technologies have emerged and have been incorporated into the Sharkbanz line of shark repellent products.

What is Sharkbanz 2

Australian father and son surfing enthusiasts David and Nathan Garrison who, after spending countless days surfing and watching sharks cruising the waves with them, decided to do something to help reduce the risk of shark encounters.

They founded Sharkbanz in 2014 and the first Sharkbanz product was released in January 2015.

sharkbanz 2 review - sharkbanz founders
Tim Nelson and Nathan Garrison of Sharkbanz
sharkbanz 2 review - sharkbanz logo
  • Headquarters: PO Box 119, Lorne, Victoria, 3232, Australia
  • Website:
  • Tim Nelson Co-Founder & Brand Manager
  • Nathan Garrison Co-Founder & Director, Sales & Marketing

Sharkbanz was the world’s first active shark deterrent band. It is a waterproof band designed to be worn around your wrist or ankle. Inside the housing are powerful magnets and since sharks use electrical signals to navigate their world, including finding prey, these magnets disrupt the sharks electromagnetic receptors causing them to avoid the area.

Sharkbanz uses no batteries, chemicals, or electricity to repel sharks. They are designed for beach goers, fisherman, and marine professionals.

Since their founding in 2014, they have continuously tested their product line on several shark species including Reef, Lemon, Blacktip and Bull Sharks.

Their latest models include the Sharkbanz 2 wearable shark repellent bands, and the Sharkbanz Fishing Zeppelin designed to be attached to your fishing line to repel sharks from your catch helping you to land more fish and feed fewer sharks. 😉

How Does Sharkbanz Work

First things first, before we can discuss how Sharkbanz repel sharks, we need to take a look at what a shark repellent is and the research behind their development.

What is Shark Repellent?

A shark repellent is any method of driving sharks away from an area. Shark repellents are a category of animal repellents. Shark repellent technologies include magnetic shark repellent, electropositive shark repellents, electronic shark repellents, and semiochemicals. Shark repellents can be used to protect people from sharks by driving the sharks away from areas where they are likely to kill human beings. In other applications, they can be used to keep sharks away from areas they may be a danger to themselves due to human activity. In this case, the shark repellent serves as a shark conservation method.

Shark repellent research began in the 1940s during World War II but the biggest advances have come with the theory of magnets functioning as shark deterrents. This theory has been extensively studied, researched and tested on a variety of shark species and has shown that magnets can be used to disrupt and overload a sharks electro magnetic receptors causing them to turn away. Sharkbanz products are the result of this research and they maintain constant contact and collaboration with the founders of this shark-repelling science, Dr. Eric Stroud and Dr. Patrick Rice of Shark Defense Technologies – the leaders in shark repellent technology.

Shark Senses

Sharks have keen senses including their sense of smell but Sharks also have the strongest electroreception (sensitivity to electrical fields) in the animal kingdom. They use this unique capability to navigate at night, when in murky water, and to hunt. Their electroreceptors (Ampullae of Lorenzini) and lateral line canals connect to the seawater by pores on their snouts and other zones of the head.

electroreceptors on a great white shark

When a fish swims, or even moves its gills, it creates a change in the surrounding geomagnetic field that sharks can detect with these electrically sensitive, gel-filled canals. Since the shark is tuned to be looking for very weak electromagnetic signals from its prey (heartbeats, muscle movements), this organ is highly sensitive.

The ability of sharks and rays to detect weak electrical signals in their surroundings may be one of the biggest factors to their survival and evolution. Every creature, whether a fish or friendly beach goer, generates weak electrical fields while in motion. When sharks are close to potential prey, this electrical sense plays a major role in determining if they are going to attack or not.

Now, people are not normally on a shark’s menu, but we do give off electro magnetic signals when in the water. Sharks sense these signals as potential prey in their area, they come to investigate. And, that can be a problem. Most shark bites are hit-and-run. The shark takes a bite and then realizes that it’s not food, and then moves off. But, that can still cause a lot of damage to an unsuspecting surfer, swimmer or fisherman.

The Sharkbanz 2 magnetic shark repellent band

The Sharkbanz 2 is what is known as an Active Shark Deterrent. It utilizes patented powerful magnetic technology that is always on and needs no batteries or charging. When a shark approaches, it is exposed to the electromagnetic field emitted by Sharkbanz which is thousands of times greater than anything the sharks normally experience and it is highly unpleasant and overwhelming to their senses.

This tells the shark it is definitely not food before he takes a bite which greatly reduces the risks to you from an accidental case of mistaken identity. Similar to someone shining a bright light in your eyes, you are not hurt, but you instinctively furn away.

The results of Sharkbanz product research have been quantified and verified by an independent third-party analysis group at the prestigious School of Coastal Environment Department of Marine Science at Coastal Carolina University.

The Sharkbanz 2 repellent device has been shown to repel a range of sharks, including bull sharks and small tiger sharks, and can create avoidance behavior in larger shark species (Tiger, Great White) to reduce the risk for swimmers, surfers and beach goers in areas where those species live as well.

Sharkbanz 2 Features:

sharbanz 2 shark repellent device
  • EFFECTIVE – Proven technology based on science, published research, and testing verified by an independent third-party scientists.
  • SIMPLE TO USE – No batteries, no charging; always on
  • SAFE to use for everyone
  • ERGONOMIC design for enhanced comfort
  • Worn on Either Ankle or Wrist or Both
  • Universal Fit – Ages 5+
  • Depth Rating: 100m/330ft
  • TSA and Airline Travel-Friendly
  • Magnetic Shielded Box for Safe Storage
  • Weight: 3 oz.
  • Warranty: Product is fully guaranteed against faulty workmanship and materials for 1 year

For fisherman who are tired of having sharks rob them of their catch, Sharkbanz has developed the Sharkbanz Fishing Zeppelin shark repellent.

Sharkbanz Fishing Zeppelin

Using the same patented magnetic technology as the Sharkbanz 2 shark repellent devices, and fully researched and tested by marine biologists on predatory shark species, the Fishing Zeppelin is proven to reduce the number of fish lost to sharks. The compact design minimizes drag, and can be used to replace the sinker on your rig, with the added benefit of creating an effective shark deterrent field.

At a weight of 6.5 oz, the Fishing Zeppelin is ideally suited to replace your sinker but can also be rigged for a variety of bottom fishing applications. The product can effectively deter sharks at any depth. For best results, you should attach the Zeppelin so it will hang 18-36″ inches (45-90 cm) below your target fish species when reeling the fish in.

Sharkbanz technology overwhelms a sharks elecroreceptors and creates a very unpleasant sensory sensation that can stop them from “taxing” your catch and your gear. For Wade fishing, the Fishing Zeppelin can be attached to fish bags, stringers, or your wading boots to protect you and your catch from sharks.

Sharkbanz Fishing Zeppelin Features:

sharkbanz fishing zeppelin shark repellent device
  • EFFECTIVE – Sharkbanz Fishing is proven to reduce the number of fish lost to sharks while targeting bottom-dwelling fish species. View our research below.
  • SIMPLE – The magnetic technology requires no batteries or charging. Always On.
  • PRODUCT WEIGHT: 6.5 Oz. / 185 G
  • For best results: Attach the Zeppelin so the device will sit 18-36″ inches (45-90 cm) from the tail of the target fish species.
  • Depth Rating: Effective at any Depth
  • Magnetic Shielded Box for Safe Storage
  • TSA and Airline Travel-Friendly
  • Constructed with Biodegradable Environmentally-Friendly PLA Materials

Sharkbanz Frequently Asked Questions:

The following are some of the more frequently asked questions regarding Sharkbanz and their answers.

What is the difference between Sharkbanz and Sharkbanz 2?

Sharkbanz 2 uses patented magnetic technology developed by marine biologists and scientists to deter predatory shark species. It is far more powerful than the first version of the Sharkbanz bracelet which was released in 2015 giving it a wider circle of deterrent.

Who should wear Sharkbanz?

Sharkbanz are for anyone who spends time in the ocean, from seasoned surfers to the casual beach goer. Our patented technology offers convenient ocean safety for man, woman and child in a variety of activities. They are designed to prevent the most common hit-and-run attacks from the majority of shark species found in shallow coastal waters around the world.

How many Sharkbanz do I need to wear?

Worn on your wrist or ankle, one Sharkbanz unit will help reduce the risk. However, wearing two Sharkbanz (one on your ankle; another on your opposite wrist) will increase the overall deterrent field size and thus provide greater coverage – similar to how other safety devices work. If only wearing one, we suggest wearing Sharkbanz on your ankle, as the majority of shark bites occur on the ankle and leg areas.

sharkbanz 2 worn on the ankle of a wade fisherman

What’s the range of Sharkbanz?

The deterrent field is approximately 3-6 ft (1-2 m). The unpleasant deterrent sensation becomes intense for the shark at about 3 ft (1 m) and becomes exponentially greater each inch/cm closer to the Sharkbanz.

Do Sharkbanz affect other ocean animals?

Sharkbanz technology has also been known to deter stingrays, but we do not guarantee deterrent results for those wishing to use Sharkbanz as a means to deter stingrays. Sharkbanz are not known to be detectable or harm any other ocean creatures such as dolphins, sea turtles, or other fish species.

Do I need to be moving to generate the magnetic field?

The electromagnetic field is increased by your movement, but movement is not necessary. The simple rhythmic current of the ocean moving you around is enough. Sharkbanz does not need to be submerged in water to deter sharks so keep us in mind next time you take out that Ocean SUP or Kayak.

Will Sharkbanz affect my medical devices such as heart monitor, metal plates, screw, etc?

If you have metal or medical devices under the skin, always consult with your doctor before purchasing and using Sharkbanz.

Will Sharkbanz affect my dive computer, dive compass, or other scuba electronic systems?

Special care should be taken with Sharkbanz and dive computers with compasses. The two can be used together successfully by ensuring the Sharkbanz is at least 24 inches (60 cm) away from the dive computer.

By wearing Sharkbanz on the opposite ankle from the wrist with the dive computer, you can ensure it remains at least 24 inches (60 cm) away. Avoid direct contact with any sensitive electronics (camera memory cards, hard drives, etc.) and Sharkbanz, especially for prolonged periods of time.

Will Sharkbanz attract sharks?

No! Sharkbanz emit a magnetic field that quickly drops off, so sharks cannot sense it from far away. Once sharks enter this magnetic field range, they can be deterred, as Sharkbanz has shown to over-stimulate their electroreception.

Has Sharkbanz Technology been tested on all shark species?

This technology has been tested on most common predatory sharks, including Bull, Blacktip, Oceanic White tip, small Tiger, Nurse, Lemon, Caribbean Reef, and Bonnethead. For more information on species tested, you can review their full Research page and links to the studies.

Do Sharkbanz prevent Great White Shark attacks?

Customers in Australia and California have used Sharkbanz to deter curious Great Whites which rely heavily on their electroreception when swimming in open water.

However, it’s important to note that Great Whites are unique in that they are the only shark that acts as an ambush predator, attacking from a long distance at high speed. There is no effective way to prevent this type of ambush attack once a Great White is committed.

What is the depth rating of Sharkbanz?

Sharkbanz 2 are waterproof tested up to 100M.

Do Sharkbanz have batteries?

No, Sharkbanz do not use batteries and thus do not require charging. They are powered by the magnetic field of the earth and are always “on”.

As long as the magnetic technology is not exposed to heat over 140°F (60°C) and the chassis is not physically damaged, the Sharkbanz are operational.

snorkeler wearing a sharkbanz 2 device on his wrist

How long will my Sharkbanz Last?

As long as your Sharkbanz are not exposed to heat over 140°F (60°C) and the chassis is not physically damaged, then the magnetic technology will not lose its effectiveness. The longevity of the band will vary depending on the amount of use and abuse.

Has anyone been attacked on Sharkbanz?

Yes, in 2016 when a 16-year-old boy was bitten by a shark in Florida while wearing a Sharkbanz bracelet. It appears to have been an incidental attack from a shark chasing bait fish and the boy simply being caught between the shark and it’s prey.

SHARKBANZ Pros and Cons

Nothing is perfect, so the following are some of what are, in my opinion, to be the Pros and Cons of the Sharkbanz 2 and Sharkbanz Fishing Zeppelin.

Sharkbanz 2 Pros
They limit the risk of a shark attack.
Reduce the number of fish lost to sharks
Thoroughly tested by independent research with great results.
No need for batteries or chargers and they are always ON.
They provide peace of mind so you can enjoy your time in the water.
It is easy to use and do not interfere with normal activities.
Sharkbanz 2 Cons
The Sharkbanz 2 is not the most attractive as it is large, and very noticeable.
The price is not cheap
They are not a 100% guarantee against shark attacks.

Does Sharkbanz 2 Really Work? The Final Verdict

As you can see from the videos and the research results, Sharkbanz 2 are an effective shark repellent, deterrent. And, wearing Sharkbanz 2 on your wrist or ankle can reduce your risk of having an unpleasant or harmful encounter with a shark.

Much like other safety devices, such as a bike lights, Sharkbanz reduce the risk — they do not eliminate the risk altogether. So, always Keep in mind the first rule of safety: don’t swim with sharks. Sharks are wild animals and very unpredictable.

If you know sharks are present, stay out of the water. Never seek an encounter or challenge a shark. Sharkbanz 2 has been shown to repel sharks but there is no 100% guarantee that a shark won’t still attack. Sharkbanz are a deterrent to sharks and there is NO GUARANTEE of no shark interactions. Much like seat belts or bicycle helmets, Sharkbanz are designed to reduce the risk of potential harm.

For normal water sport activities, Sharkbanz 2 is effective as a shark repellent that will reduce your risk of an unwanted shark encounter. And, will give you that added peace of mind while you enjoy your time in the water. Certainly much more so than all those times you’ve ventured into the water without them.

The Sharkbanz Fishing Zeppelin is a great tool for those who fish offshore and are tired of sharks attacking your catch before you can land it. At 6.5 ounces it can be used as a sinker in many situations and will turn sharks away from your catch. Land more fish and contribute less to the “taxman”.

For those of us who wade fish, attaching the Sharkbanz fishing Zeppelins to our stringer may help keep the sharks away from our catch and our legs. Combine that with a Sharkbanz 2 strapped to your ankle to not only deter sharks, but perhaps prevent a painful encounter with a stingray as well.

Catch Sharks But Don’t Feed the Sharks 😉

If you spend time in the water, and are concerned about sharks, you might consider Sharkbanz 2. It could, at the very least provide you with some peace of mind, and might actually prevent an unpleasant encounter with a shark. I know its no guarantee, but looking at the research results on live wild sharks, you can’t help but be impressed.

Sharkbanz 2 review - sharkbanz 2 and fishing zeppelin

As someone who spends a lot of time wading in the bays and surf, I’m very interested in their current research with stingrays, having had a painful interaction with one. The early indications are, that when worn on the ankle, Sharkbanz 2 has a similar repellent effect on stingrays as it does sharks. That would be an awesome 2 for 1 benefit in my book.

The best advice of course is, if you know their are sharks present, stay out of the water. If you won’t stay out of the water, give them a wide berth. You don’t have to be afraid of them, just a healthy respect for the oceans’ apex predator with a mouth full of razor sharp teeth.

As always, stay safe, enjoy the journey and please try to leave it cleaner than you found it. If you have any comments, questions, ideas or suggestions please leave them in the comment section below and I’ll get back to you asap. You can follow us on Facebook: Rex The Beach Angler, Instagram: thebeachangler7, Twitter: @AnglerBeach, and YouTube: Man Art Creations.

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