Man Art Creations Delicious Venison Homemade Tamales Recipe

Homemade tamales ready to eat or pack and freeze

If you have extra venison or any meat for that matter, making homemade tamales is a good alternative to the standard practice of making hamburger, chili meat, or sausage out of it. Being from South Texas, we have a love for Mexican food and tamales are one of our favorites. A tamale, in Spanish tamal, is a … Read more

Gafftop Catfish Easy to Catch and Surprisingly Good to Eat

Gafftop Catfish - Lady with a nice gafftopsail catfish and a plate of fried gafftop fillets

Gafftop Catfish are not usually at the top of anyone’s list when it comes to fish to pursue. Most view them as trash fish, slimy and with some sharp fins, but once you get past that they are actually very good to eat. With more and more people fishing for the “glamour” species, combined with … Read more

How to Catch Ladyfish – Great Sport but Can You Eat Them?

How to Catch Ladyfish - Young lady with a nice ladyfish she caught on a fly rod.

How to catch Ladyfish, the poor man’s tarpon, not normally the target species but they are a blast on light to medium tackle. They readily take natural and artificial baits, put up a great fight often jumping out of the water ( hence the name poor man’s tarpon) in an attempt to throw the hook. … Read more