Surf Fishing For Redfish

  Redfish, also known as Red Drum, Puppy Drum, channel bass, or Bull Reds roam the surf zones of the Gulf and Atlantic Coasts at various times of the year. Known for their hard fighting and great table fare, the Redfish is a highly sought after game fish. If you plan a trip to the … Read more

Surf Fishing with Lures

  Surf Fishing can be both exciting and rewarding, and you’re on the beach, nothing wrong with that 😉 There is a variety of techniques for fishing the surf. Natural Baits, Live Bait, or artificial baits/lures. They all work and have their applications, but fishing with lures in the surf will allow you to cover … Read more

Bull Redfish From The Surf

    The Running of The Bulls   When Surf Fishing along the Gulf Coast, one of the most prized targets, is the Bull Redfish. Redfish or Red Drum, roam the beach front and will give you and your tackle a work out. Great sport to catch, they pull like a freight train and readily … Read more

Fishing in a Kayak

    Yes, you can fish in a kayak from the beach. Kayaks have made their way into beach fishing and surf fishing. Pretty much in any body of water no matter how big or small, you will find kayaks. It’s no different on the beach or in the surf,  surf fishing in a Kayak … Read more

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