Shark Fishing from the Beach

  The beach, the point where land meets the sea, is where land based fishermen can pursue the various fish species that call the ocean home. Some of the largest and most exciting are the various shark species that frequent the beach front. The apex predator of the ocean will come surprisingly close to the […]


Fishing in a Kayak

    Yes, you can fish in a kayak from the beach. Kayaks have made their way into beach fishing and surf fishing. Pretty much in any body of water no matter how big or small, you will find kayaks. It’s no different on the beach or in the surf, Kayaks have become a valuable […]


Best Baits for Fishing the Beach

You’re thinking of taking the family down to the beach for a little vacation and want to try a some surf fishing while you’re there. Beach fishing can be a lot of fun, exciting and productive. You never know what might grab your line. We’ve covered the basics of Surf fishing in earlier posts, in […]


About Me

Welcome to “The Beach Angler”. A site for everything about fishing the beach and surf. MY STORY My name is Rex, and for the past 50 plus years, I have been running the beach. Everything from surfing the waves, driving, camping and yes, fishing for all that will pull on your line. I have been […]