Surf Fishing with Fishbites Versus Berkley Gulp

surf fishing with fishbites or berkley gulp

Fishing the beach front surf zone presents some unique opportunities as well as challenges. Often you will be fishing miles from the nearest bait shop or store so you will need to ” bring it if you think you’ll need it”. Bait is one of those items that you will need. While you can, at … Read more

Surf Fishing and The Tides an Extremely Important Interaction

surf fishing and the tides

When fishing the surf, it is very important to study the tides. Tidal movement and current will often trigger feeding activity along the beach front, and traveling the beach at high tide can be more difficult. The rising (or flood) tide water moves toward land and when it reaches its peak its called high tide. … Read more

Surf Fishing for Speckled Trout is Great Fun and Good Eating

Surf fishing for Speckled Trout

Of the many fish prowling the beach front, the Speckled Trout is one of the most sought after and prized by surf anglers. These hard fighting fish can be found roaming the surf from spring through fall along the coast of the Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic coast of the southeastern US. Specks will … Read more

Surf Fishing with Lures

Surf Fishig with Lures

Surf Fishing can be both exciting and rewarding, and you’re on the beach, nothing wrong with that 😉 There is a variety of techniques for fishing the surf. Natural Baits, Live Bait, or artificial baits/lures. They all work and have their applications, but fishing with lures in the surf will allow you to cover a … Read more

Sand Spike – Surf Fishing Rod Holders

Sand Spike Surf Fishing rod holders

My Recommeded Sand Spikes Surf Sand Spikes Fish-N-Mate 266 Sand Spike Sand Spike Surf Spike Sand Flea Surf Fishing Rod Holder Key Features: Corrosion Resistance very good – All Aluminum Very good – all aluminum Great – PVC construction Strength and Durability Strong built to last High Strength Aluminum Good but plastic Price Good Value … Read more

Surf Fishing Destination- 5 Steps to Planning A Trip – The Gorgeous Outer Banks, NC

Planning a trip - gorgeous outer banks of North Carolina

Some of us, like myself, are lucky enough to live close to great surf fishing destinations. For the rest, some travel is required and it can be long distance trip. I thought it might help to go through the planning steps for a surf fishing vacation to a new and unfamiliar location. The world is … Read more